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The Ancient Egyptian Tarot

designed and Illustrated by Clive Barrett

New Edition - Coming Soon


The Ancient Egyptian Tarot Handbook

Takes the Classic Tarot Full Circle and Back to the Land of its Ancestors

Fully illustrated, with 162 pages

This book gives one of the most concise histories of the Tarot ever written, complete instructions on how to use the deck of 78 cards, and background information abouth the characters and scenes depicted on each card.

Easy and Simple to Use

Compatable with traditional decks and instruction books, The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is ideal for all Tarot enthusiasts.

- timeline -

this sequence may be subject to change

March 2019


The handbook has been laid out and proof copy printed.
It is now being corrected for a second proof.

August 2019

The Cards

The dimensions of the cards have been changed. This has required some reworking of the original images. This has been completed.

November 2019

Handbook Cover

The cover has been completed and proofed.
Sample copies have been received from the printers.

December 2019

The Box 

As the cards have not previously been available in a box a design has to be prepared. Now the cards are finalised this can begin.

Late 2019

Proofs Recieved

The handbook has been completed, but some revisions still need to be made to the cards.



Unfortunately the print quality of cards was not satisfactory, so publication has been delayed.

Once published the Ancient Egyptian Tarot will be available from the following places

(the Ancient Egyptian Tarot will not be available from Amazon,
or any other online sellers)


Etsy Store

From the author's Etsy Store.


Green Man Gatekeeper Website

From the autor's website.


Green Man Gatekeeper Shop

From the author's shop in the Forest of Dean.

The Ancient Egyptian Tarot

Designed and Illustrated by Clive Barrett

New Edition - Coming Soon

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