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Oil Painting

Being new to oil paint, I wasn't sure which of my ideas were suitable for painting in the medium, so I did some small pictures loosely based on the the work of William Constable. This allowed me to become used to the paint in a relaxed way, without the pressure of having an original idea to paint. It also encouraged the use of colour combinations and mixes I may not otherwise have tried. 

I found that many of the techniques used with acrylic painting could also be applied to oil. 

The major difference is the drying time, acrylics are touch dry in a matter in minutes, whereas the oils can take days. There are times when speedy drying may be an advantage, but even with the use of extenders, acrylic paint will never remain workable for as long as oil.

Oil paint does tend to move around the canvas quite a lot, and can leap unexpectedly to hands and clothes without warning, but once this is taken into account, it may be used to advantage. Painting clouds is always a pleasure, but oils make the experience even more so.

The long drying time allows subtle blending and so gives more variety to the shades of each colour. This is particularly noticeable in darker areas. 
In a matter of just a handful of paintings I have been convinced of the advantages of oil over acrylic, and begun to wonder if I would ever use the latter again.

All sizes are in inches.

many paintings are available as greetings cards

*Frameable prints are also available from the shop in the Forest of Dean.