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Looking for Dragons

When you go looking for dragons be sure that they don't find you.


White Elf

Sometimes memories of our pagan past slip though the ages to be found in the present.
Just down the road from our shop in the Forests of Dean is the small village of Alvington.
It is recorded in the Domesday Book under the Anglo-Saxon name ‘Alwintune’. The name is composed of three elements; Al meaning elf, or spirit; win - white, or holy; and tune - home, or homestead.
The Home of the White Elf.


The Yule Drum

Drumming out the old year,
and drumming in the new.


Misty Morris

Dancing at Dusk


The Witch on the Hill

When the wind blows warm on the Autumn hill.


The Knight, and the Lady with Golden Hair and a Dress of Green
As told in the Forest of Dean