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Clive Barrett

Inspired by the History, Myths, and Traditions of the Land Around Us.

Clive Barrett was born in Leeds, at one time, the capital of the ancient Celtic kingdom of Elmet. While the kingdom is still present in local signage archaeologists speculate that the local highways department may have overlooked the possibility that it may now be defunct following the incursion of numerous external groups Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Saxons again, and finally Normans, over the intervening years.

He grew up in a small town, also in Elmet, which was once the Roman settlement by the names of Legiolium (which may have been an antiquarian's error) and Lagentium, (which is may be correct). More recently it was, (again) according to local signage, time twinned with a world renowned chocolate manufacturer.

Early memories included witnessing an aerial shower of unused crisp packets, which much to his then headmasters displeasure, blanketed the school playground for days.

Following the ill founded advice of an otherwise excellent maths teacher (and preserved railway enthusiast), he studied computer science at Sheffield Polytechnic. Here he spent his time writing software which was as elegant as it was nonfunctioning. It was in Sheffield that he developed a persistent and unconditional love of computers.

After selling his artwork to an odd little shop, he married the owner. They spent a short period living in a windswept hovel on the edge of the Pennines, then moved south to the windswept splendours of the Severn Estuary.

During this time he inexplicably wrote and illustrated a number of books, designed two tarot decks, and had a child who was sent to university to study illustration, something which he should have done himself.
Later, following a tangled chain of unrelated events, the family opened another odd little shop, which moved swiftly under its own momentum to its current location in the Forest of Dean.

When he's not busy painting, drinking tea, or watching clouds, Clive can be found in his shop, a converted farm building on the picturesque and historical Lydney Park Estate, situated between the Forest of Dean and the River Severn.

It's the sort of shop you don't often find these days, but full of interesting things - green man masks, shoes for elves, bags for wayfarers, pouches for dice, trinkets, tokens, and talismans, etc.