Harry Price

In his book The Haunting of Borley Rectory, Harry Price - the renowned psychical investigator - describes quite precisely how he came to be involved with the rectory. 

He was at a friend’s house in South Kensington. Having finished lunch they were drinking coffee and were discussing poltergeists, when a maid entered the room and informed Price that he was wanted on the telephone. Price answered the telephone and found himself speaking to the somewhat excited editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper. He was told that one of the newspapers staff, a Mr. V. C. Wall was at that very moment investigating extraordinary occurrences at a rectory some sixty miles from London. The editor invited Price to visit the rectory and take charge of the case. 

Price spent that afternoon and the following morning preparing for the investigation. On Wednesday, June 12th 1929, accompanied by his secretary Miss Lucie Kaye, he arrived at Borley Rectory, just in time for lunch with the Reverend Guy Eric Smith and his wife.

Price’s investigations at Borley Rectory continued until his death in 1948.