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Green Man Gatekeeper is an odd little shop, on the fringes of the Forest of Dean. It is the sort of shop that you might once have found located near the entrance of a museum, filled with interesting mem-entoes and souvenirs. Unfortunately, in this case, the museum is absent. 

The magazine, like its namesake, is known as Curioseum, and is published as a substitute. There may be no museum to visit, but there will be a magazine to read. It is hoped that it may prove to be a satisfactory substitute. 

The content of the magazine, like the that of Lost Museum itself, is an eclectic collection inspired by the history, myths, and traditions of the land around us. For the inaugural issue the editors have chosen Darkness as a theme, and have assembled a diverse array of articles accordingly. Some items being factual, some fictional, and some which chose to hesitate in that vague and ofttimes uncertain borderland that lies between. 

Illustrations, in colour, and black-and-white, are amply provided as an accompaniment for much of what lies within. 

Published by the Green Man Press.

Curioseum – The Lost Museum 

© 2019 Curioseum/Clive Barrett