Folklore & Fairytale

Inspired by the sort of things that could have been but never were.


Who knows for what reason someone would don the disguise of a hare, or do the hares become people when no-one it there to see?

Acorn Collector

Squirrels don’t do all the work, sometimes they are helped by the Acorn Collectors, who walk beneath the trees gathering fallen acorns. When they have a plentiful supply the seek out places where oak trees should be, and plant them for the future.

Blue-Legged Fairy

Why a fairy would have blue legs is anyone's guess. I doubt if even the fairies know for sure.

The Raven

There are places we can only go in our dreams and our imagination. 


The Knight, and the Lady with Golden Hair

A story from the Forest of Dean.

Fairy Queen




Curioseum – The Lost Museum 

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