Contemplation Cards

An unusual deck of cards intended for contemplation and consideration. Illustrated with images from the Curioseiun Collection.

  • PAST - Contemplate the images, consider their content, compare one with another. Ponder upon the similarities and differences.
  • PRESENT - There are places we can only go in our dreams, and our imaginations, but today is only a glimpse of now.
  • FUTURE - Find the stories, and follow their lead. Accompany the travellers on their journey.
  • BEYOND - Open doorways to the road ahead.

Contemplation Cards

The first experimental deck of cards. The designs and titles may change, and develop with time.

This is a work in progress, and should be available before too long.


In the past things were different. Perhaps more different than we think.


The present is not always what we imagine it to be. It just depends on how it is viewed.


Some aspects of the future can be deduced from the present, but who knows what.


This is where everything becomes tricky. Anything could happen.

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