Now Available

The Norse Tarot Handbook

for the Viking and Saxon Peoples

Clive Barrett - Author and Illustrator

First published in 1989, The Norse Tarot is illustrated entierly with images from Norse mythology, and the lives of the Viking peoples.
The Norse Tarot Handbook will be available soon.


Also Available

The Norse Tarot
Journey Book

This Journey Book is designed to accompany the Norse Tarot Deck and Handbook, and enable the user to extract the full potential of the cards.

For both beginners and experienced tarot users, this booklet has dedicated space for each of the 78 cards in the tarot deck. Each is provided with basic information, with room for you to enter your own personal insights and observations.

Record your perceptions and enhance your comprehension to develop a fuller understanding of the individual cards, and the deck as a whole.

While the Handbook provides full descriptions of the cards, there is always room for personal revelations, discoveries, and interpretations. 

The Norse Tarot Journey Book is the perfect place to map your travels and explorations. 48 pages.


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