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Visit the Author's Worshop

On the edge of the Forest of Dean


The workshop is open daily, except when closed, throught the year.
Usually open from late morning until around five o'clock, winter closing may be earlier.
If you are travelling any distance please use the contact form below to ensure he's not gone for a walk in the forest.

It is an Odd Little Shop

Inspired by the History, Myths and Traditions of the Land Around Us.
Hand crafted masks and other leatherwork, greetings cards, prints, ceramics, pewter, and more.
Green Man Gatekeeper is the most unusual shop in Gloucestershire.

Taurus Crafts

Taurus Crafts is an arts and crafts visitor centre. It is a base for more than 15 small artisan businesses, most of whom make and sell from their workshops. We also host a gift shop, wholefood and gluten free cafe, organic - free range farm shop and deli featuring the best local produce.

Around and About

J.R.R. Tolkien visited the Lydney Park Romano-Celtic Temple in the 1920s and was fascinated by what he discovered. He spent much of his spare time exploring the landscape and delving into its rich folklore.
Local tradition spoke of the ruins being the home of goblins - reputably not a place to visit at night time. The Roman metal workings on the hill were known as the “dwarf mines,” and were believed to extend far out, deep beneath the mysterious Forest of Dean.

Green Man Gatekeeper
Taurus Crafts, The Old Park
Lydney GL15 6BU

Email: enquiries@greenmangatekeeper.com


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