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The Royal Bank of Trollsylvania

The headquarters of The Royal Bank of Trollsylvania is situated at the north side of the Town Square, Tromheim. There are other branches and independent banks located located in towns and villages throughout the country.

Visitors are advised the exchange their currency for Drakongeld on arrival in the country as foreign notes and coins cause confusion amongst local traders and are not usually taken seriously.

The Royal Bank building is also the home of the Royal Trollsylvanian Mint were coins are struck, notes printed and windows rarely left open.

The hoards of dragons were, for many years, the major source for the Bank's gold. Eventually the dragons tired of this and began to retrieve their stolen gold. This led to what is now known as the Dragon Time. Happily an amicable solution was reached when both sides agreed to stop stealing gold from the other. It is still believed among the more superstitious that gold brings bad luck.

The Trollsylvanian monetary system is based on the Drakongeld

There are twelve pennies to a Shilling.

Twelve shillings to one Drakongeld.

Five Drakongeld Note  ©Royal Bank of Trollsylvania

Trollsylvanian currency is available for purchase at reasonable rates throughout the kingdom, a generous discount is offered for large amounts.

The visitor should be aware that pennies are commonly know as "poops", (supposedly on account of the sound they make when tossed into the Hammerberg mud pools). The Shilling is called a "plop", (being heavier it makes a slightly louder sound). The heaviest coin, the Drakongeld breaks the mud surface a releases a sulphurous gas and so is referred to as a "stinker".

Five Drakongeld Note -Reverse - ©Royal Bank of Trollsylvania