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Some History and a Little Geography


It is generally thought the a little knowledge of the place one is visiting helps make the visit more enjoyable, but not too much thought, you will not be expected to pass an examination on the subject. Unless, of course, you would like to, then you should pay a visit to the Royal Collage, where you will be most welcome.


The Ancient Kingdom of Stroon, ruled by Grimson the equally ancient king, now forms the northern part of Trollsylvania.
There are many famous clans in Stroon
The Clan MacOat has a reputation for lacking a sense of humour. Especially amongst those who consider repeated calls of 'Where's ma' coat?' to be the height of amusement. The same, who, coincidentally often have headaches in the shape of a MacOat club. This would seem to confirm the validity of the aforementioned reputation.
The MacRington's are known for their innovation and engineering skills. There is barely a machine in the country which does not bear the signs of their hammer work.

Other Clans of Stroon:


A northern region of Trollsylvania south of Stroon. Also spelled - Yondr.
The County of Yondor is the largest in Trollsylvania, a fact which it's people are only too happy to remind outsiders. It is the only county which insists that all the members of it's Stool Ball Team can trace their ancestors back through three generations of Yondor Trolls.
As a county it is so big that it has been divided into three more manageable parts, known as Yondings - Upper, Middle and Lower Yonding.
North Yonding consists of all the northern parts of the county. West Yonding those to the west, and East Yonding all the bits that are left.
Yond, the county town is situated in the Vale of Yond, in the Lower Yonding.

Yondar is the home of many interesting things, quite apart from the Yonder Trolls themselves. There are the Liquorice fields of Pomfrey, where the annual Pomfrey Liquorice Faire is held every two years. A fair renowned for it's excitement and black toothed grins. There are numerous mines in the county which now exhausted have been taken over by the Rhubarb Growers Co-operative (R.G.C). Underground they can control the light and thus the growing season of that wonderful plant. Also, underground they can safely hold their clandestine republican meetings well away from the ears of their adversaries - Royalist Liquorice League. The less well ventilated tunnels specialize in smoked rhubarb - an acquired taste.

Yondar is also know for it's small, irritating, yappy dogs.


The western part of Trollsylvania, where rain is common and the populous is in a state of eternal dampness. Known for it's umbrella industry, wet wool and wrinkled toes.

Stroon like Gwladenheim is prone to excessive downpours of rain. Both regions compete furiously for the title of 'Home of the Best Umbrella', there is little to distinguish them in function but in appearance and materials they are, like their respective regions, miles apart Most have tiered of the innovative rivalry and now prefer the simple tried and tested umbrellas from Tromheim.
In rural areas where umbrellas are few, Trolls form Umbrella Clubs, and buy communal umbrellas to share amongst members. In times severe precipitation up to seven troll have been known to share a single umbrella.

The Pomfrey Liquorice Fair

(Not to be confused with the Kippax Rhubarb Festival)

The two neighbouring villages of Pomfrey and Kippax have, for many years, held rival events. The Pomfrey Liquorice Fair and the Kippax Rhubarb Festival.

At one time, rivalry was so intense that gangs of villagers invaded each others event and caused havoc and mayhem. As a consequence both events were banned by Lower Yonding County Council, but have recently been reinstated with several conditions and warnings of severe penalties.

Rivalry is now restricted to the Stool Ball field, as this falls outside the councils legitimate control. Injuries have been fewer of late, following the infamous "smash match" in which no-one was left standing.

On the day of the event, special constables (baring large clubs and furrowed brows) are drafted in from outside the area - even as far away as Tromheim - and piece usually ensues.


A Pomfrey Licorice Cake, also known as a Pomfrey Penny,

(often consumed but seldom spent)


North Yondor

West Yondor

East Yondor