The Royal Trollsylvanian Post Office

For buying stamps, sending letters and keeping out dragons

The Head Quarters of the Royal Trollsylvanian Post Office. Address:- P.O.Box One, The Square, Tromheim, Trollsylvania

It is here that all the tasks of a post office are carried out. All mail entering, leaving or passing through the kingdom is brought here for sorting. Postal stamps are printed and issued. Parcel string is also made here.

Special Offer

  • A Coloured Paper Postage Stamp Free with every letter we deliver for you.
  • Ask at the Post Office for details.
  • (Conditions Apply.) 


The Post Office is responsible for the upkeep of the Dragon Towers. These were created in the past to provide an early warning system for the approach of dragons. A network of towers was constructed around Tromheim, each tower being visible from at least two others. A system of flags conveyed a message back to the town where the inhabitants, forewarned, could flee to cover. 

Manning the towers was never a popular occupation. Many are now in a state of disrepair, some due to time and others due to the dragons, who eventually caught on to what they were for.

Vissit one of the few remaining Dragon Towers. Guided tours are available throughout the year.  For further details please visit any Post Office.