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Civic Regalia

The eagle has for many centuries been the traditional symbol if the Trollsylvanian royal family. 

On ascending the throne, the King (Thorgrim II) wished to improve on the old royal emblem, so he added a second head to the eagle. 

Later the present King, Thorgrim III, had the same idea and ordered an updated flag from the heralds.

The flag was flown for several days before the error was noticed, it was quickly lowered and the flag of the tree headed seagull was replaced by the hastily corrected one.

The herald - Cellardoor Varley - was promptly given an ear trumpet and a generous pension and now lives in quiet retirement in the country. He has taken up painting and has acquired something of a reputation for his unusual canvases. 

He paints the sort of picture that would make Hieronimous Bosch scratch his head and say "Weird!" His most renowned work - painted on the side of a boy scout’s tent, two boy scouts and a passing chicken - now hangs in the throne room of the Kings palace, where it draws much comment.

Cellardoor Varley is credited with being the founder of the Bewildered School of Painting.