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See a Stool Ball Game

Visitors to Trollsylvania will delight in attending a Stool Ball Game, the national sport. It is an experience not to be missed.

The most popular pastime in Trollsylvania, apart from brewing, is Stool Ball. The game requires three three legged stools, two teams (of any size), a reasonably flat field - one preferably well away from buildings with windows - and a ball of some kind.

In many ways the game resembles cricket, from which, according to some, it is descended, others would argue that the reverse is in fact true and that cricket is derived from Stool Ball, but some people will argue about anything.

The stool man holds his stool in both hands, either by the seat or by the legs, whichever he prefers. There are many heated debates between followers if the sport about which grip is the most advantageous. Hitting the ball with the seat has power, but the legs give a wonderful unpredictability to the strike.

The ball is less of a ball than a small rock placed in an old sock to give the bowler extra swing. A well placed ball can send the stool man spinning, but this is not the main aim of the game however it may appear to the observer.

The stool man hits the ball and the fielders attempt to catch it while the stool man's team make this more difficult by tackling the fielders. Other fielders are permitted to come to the aid of their team mates.

As tempers are likely to become frayed in even children's matches, umpires, of which there are usually no fewer that six, made up of representatives of both sides, are armed with hefty clubs. The rules, which are seldom read, much less understood, proscribe internal disputes amongst the referees, but such disputes are not unknown and can lead to the abandonment of a match when both teams stop play to watch the ensuing fight. It is quite a common sight for the umpires to be ordered off the pitch by the crowd so that the game may continue.

Teams from all over Trollsylvania assemble every four years for the Super Stool, the most prestigious Stool-ball tournament. There are of course many miner, local and national competitions, both amateur and professional. But it is the Super Stool that draws the biggest crowds. It is usually held in the natural amphitheatre of the Wide Valley, (south of Tromheim). The tournament lasts for about four weeks as the teams play knockout games until only the victors are left standing.

The Gwladenheim Bow Trolls Orchestra

The Trolls of Gwladenheim are renowned for their skills with the bow. They practice the skill whenever time allows, and the Inns of Gwladenheim are only permitted to sell beer six days a week to ensure that time does allow.

Many archers are members of Bow Orchestras, but none are as accomplished as the members of the Gwladenheim Bow Trolls Orchestra.

There are many types of musical arrows used by archers and many of these are put to use by the Orchestras. The "whispering" arrow forms the basis of the music and are produced in a variety of sizes covering several octaves. Several thousand many be required for a single piece of music. Frantic collecting of arrows fills most of the intermission.

By utilizing a variety of arrows and shooting them at different heights and distances, the Orchestra can play many pieces. There are also tuned bows who's strings are simply plucked and a a team of percussionist who shoot extra heavy arrows at percussive targets.

At one time it proved difficult to find experienced conductor to lead the Orchestra. However, after he innovation of conducting from behind a large rock with flags on long poles the difficulty no longer arises.

When attending a concert take care to avoid the cheaper seats as these are generally in front of the Orchestra.

Visit the famous Tricorn Bridge, South Gate, Tromheim.

Also, note the extensive waterside development of the equally infamous suburb of Underbridge. Please consult the small print of your travel insurance, as Underbridge may be listed under "Policy Exceptions".

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