Where to Stay

Inns and Public Houses

Trollsylvania has many Hotels, Inns and Taverns in a range of standards, so whatever your standing you can be sure to find a suitable place to stay. The better Hotels are to be found in Tromheim, those around The Square being the most luxurious (and most expensive).

Cheaper lodgings may be found elsewhere in the city but the area of Underbridge should be avoided by those wishing to retain their valuables.

The majority of Trollsylvanian Inns and public houses brew their own beer - this is because Troll beer does not travel very well. There is a popular joke that it will only travel from the barrel to the mouth - a distance which many a Troll would do his utmost to minimize - but evidence suggests that the joke too does not travel very well itself. 

How Troll beer is brewed is a mystery seeped in hops and well fermented. Little is known outside the trade, but observation would suggest that it cannot be too difficult if a drunken publican can do it.

The strength of the beer varies from inn to inn, depending on the landlord’s ability to judge the drinking capacity of his clientele (and also on his ability to add water without being seen.) Too strong and they fall over before spending very much, too week and they poor it over his head.


Enjoy the quaint oldy-worldy charm of the BEAR INN, Tromheim and experience the excitement of the nearby Gunpowder Emporium.



Shriven Moor Top. Landlord: Elusive Thrup. 

A welcome break from the perils of the moor.

Meals, Refreshments and Lodging.

We aim to make your stay a delight to remember for the rest of your days, however long that may be.

All doors and windows securely barred with iron.

No admittance after sunset, without an appointment or good reason.